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Zhejiang Refining Machinery Co., Ltd. to plastic, rubber machinery components as the core development direction, with strong professional and technical personnel, to provide customers with a variety of special products need to design special screw. Such as: PC, PMMA, PET, bakelite, halogen-free and all kinds of alloy plastic.

Zhejiang Refining Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Refined Machinery Co。, Ltd。 is the largest professional production of high-precision, high-quality barrel, screw and die one of the manufacturers。

To "carefully created, excellence" for the purpose of enterprises, refined machinery has always been not satisfied with the status quo, always put forward higher demands on their own, because the pursuit of a higher goal is to refined enterprises to high-speed development, stand the forerunners of the industry front.


Master the timely progress of refining, to understand the latest industry news

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In today's harsh market competition, we know that product quality is the fundamental survival of enterprises, is the life of enterprises.
Zhejiang Refined Machinery Co., Ltd. has passed a number of international quality system certification, with a rigorous scientific management system and a number of outstanding senior management, the product of each process Have strict quality inspection standards, the product of every detail requires perfection, to provide customers with zero defect products is our business purposes.

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